I got this topic when I was scrolling down on youtube. This song was made by marshmallow. It is a beautiful song, good to hear.

Photo by Paul Garaizar on Unsplash

Being alone is sometimes a good thing because when no one is there, we can thinks without any disturbance. We can concentrate on the job which we want to do without any interference.

We also want to live in our life without any ones help. It is a tough job to live like that. Come on seriously; we can’t live without borrowing money or alone forever. At the same time living alone is a scary and tough job. Without the support of anyone, we can’t move forward. If not everybody but somebody could support us. Like our parents or sibling or if you are married, then your wife. Support is necessary because if we fail at least once and there is no one to support us we will feel really weak.

If you want to leave your house or break things just think before you do anything.