In A Matter Of Time Part-2 “The Plan”

Tim asks Tom, “Hey, can you pass me the screwdriver. And we are done.” Tom tells Tim, “Oh my god, you just created the impossible. Many legends failed, lots of scientists failed, and yet it has been made. Dude, you just created a time machine. But the only question is, you really believed an old man and his book of some Albert Einstein?” Tim says, “Look; I just want to prove myself to the world.” Tom says, “What to prove yourself? I thought you had some bigger and stronger emotions or reasons to tell me.” Tim says, “It’s a bit personal.” Tom says, “Look, Tim, I have been friend with you since we were kids, you can tell me I know everything about you.” Tim said that he wanted to live with his mother and make the world peaceful.” Tom says, “That is a nice reason you got there. The second one is a bit difficult but not impossible but the first one I don’t think this is going to work. Because science has proved many things but bringing the dead to be alive, it is impossible. I don’t think this is going to work. But whatever you are planning, I am with you.”

Tim thanks Tom for supporting him. Tom asks Tim how he will run the machine, so Tim replied that he wanted a lot and lots of power to run it. So Tom says a few places the solar power plant, the nuclear power plant, the Hydrogen power plant, and many other places. But Tim wanted other things about how he can run the machine with only Tryxanium. Then Tom asks Tim, “Then you want to create a Tryxanium battery. So you are going to need a lot of Tryxanium, which is impossible today because the world war VI has finished, and you are telling me that you need Tryxanium.” Tim replies, “Yes, we need it. I don’t know how, but I need it! Let it be illegal; I don’t care.” Tom asks Tim, “You want me to go to the army base and steal it? What are you thinking?” Tim says, “You are not going alone. I am coming with you.” Tom says, “So how are we doing it.” Tim starts to tell the plan, “I will get access to go into the base because I have my father’s badge. Then if that plan works out, you could get in also. Then we will sneak past the guards and.” Tim stops right there, and Tom asks, “Then what?” Tim says, “I want you to cause a distraction. A big distraction. It is a big risk, but it will work out really well.” Tom asks Tim, “What kind of distraction?” Tim says, “I want you to go in the armory and explode some stuff.” Tom asks, “Oh, well, that suffice? What about me blowing the whole place up? Huh, you want me to sacrifice for your needs.” Tom rages out of the garage, and Tim lets him go because he knows he is taking a big risk.

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