In a Matter of Time PART-15 “Do or Die”

Ujwal Kalathupurathu Suresh
4 min readNov 19, 2020


It was the night everyone was sleeping except Simon. He was looking at Tom and Tim without blinking. He was staring at them. He was looking at them like they have killed his family or so. Tom waked up and felt like someone was watching him when he woke up and looked at Simon; he was watching him. Tom asked him, “Why are you staring at us?” Simon didn’t say anything. He went to sleep.

Time passed quickly when Tom woke up. He couldn’t see Tim anywhere. Simon was also missing. He woke Julian up and told him he couldn’t find Tim anywhere. Tom, without hesitation, said it was Simon who might have took Tom. Julian said, “Simon might have gone outside to take a piss or something.” Tom said, “No, I saw him staring at us yesterday night.” Julian asked, “Staring? I don’t know; I don’t think Simon is that kind of guy?” Tom asked, “Then tell me, where is he?” Simon was coming from outside. And Tom asked, “What happened to him? Where is he?” Simon asked, “Who are you talking about?” Tom asked, “You don’t know? You were staring at us yesterday. I know that you took Tim somewhere. Where is he?” Simon said, “I don’t know where your friend is. All I saw was he was going outside in the morning.” Tom was coming closer towards Simon. They were about to fight Julian, then told, “Knock it off, don’t be like kids. Simon will go with Tom outside and find Tim. And don’t come back without finding him. If you come back, I won’t let you in. Max will go outside and find some food and other resources. Now, no argument gets out, everyone.”

Tom and Simon go outside to find Tim. They were not talking for a few minutes, and Simon said, “I’m tired. Let us wait for a few minutes.” Tom asked, “Tired? We need to find Tim. If we wait, he won’t be alive. Every second matter.” Simon asks, “I’m tired, and I will not be coming with you for a minute. If you don’t want to wait, you can go find him and come back to me.” Tom asks, “No, you will be coming with me.” Simon said, “No, I will not.” Tom wanted him to come but couldn’t make him; he said, “Okay, I’ll find him. I don’t want you; you can sleep, rest, or go. I don’t care what you will do.” Tom was looking for Tim, calling out his name.

Some soldiers were searching for places if they were empty. From far, they heard some was called “Tim.” The soldiers were speaking German.. “Who do you think it was?” The other soldier said, “I don’t know. But let us find out. If we find at least one Jew them, we could get the money.” The soldiers were going towards the sound.

Tom was calling out his name so loudly that the soldiers were looking for him. The soldiers saw Tom, who was still calling out for Tim’s name. The soldiers loaded their weapons; they were getting ready to shoot. They were reloading the gun and pointed towards Tom, and they were about to shoot. One soldier pulled the trigger. Tom heard the lock, and the soldier said, “.Auch diesmal vergessen Sie immer noch, die Sicherheit zu entfernen. (Again, you still forget to remove the safety.)” Simon came out of nowhere and shot the 2 soldiers with his gun.

Tom asked, “Where were you coming from?” Simon said, “You owe me one. And keep your mouth shut. And I found your friend.” Tom asked, “Where is he? How did you find him? And where did you get the gun, and how did you kill them instantly?” Simon said, “I’ll answer your question when it's time, but now it isn’t. And your friend is in the opposite way you are going.” Tom ran towards the opposite way where he was going earlier. He found Tim near the machine and Tom was surprised to see him alive and also he saw many dead bodies around him. He asked, “What happened to them? Why did you come here? I was so worried about you.” Tim said, “Some of the parts of this machine are missing, and I couldn’t find it.” Tom asked, “Where is it? And how did….” Simon tells them to take cover. He saw a group of men was taking Julian, Max, and other guys in the room.

The soldiers were asking Julian in German, “Were there any others in the room?” Julian tells them, “Yes, there were, and you will not find them.” The soldiers thought the old man was crazy. They beat him up, and Julian couldn’t wake up. He tries, but he couldn’t. The soldiers went towards their camp. Then the three of them came from their cover, and Julian said, “Help them, not let them die, please.”