In a Matter of Time PART-18 “Just don’t Forget”

Ujwal Kalathupurathu Suresh
2 min readNov 21, 2020

The three of them go inside them see a lot of people in jails. The guards were pulling from their cells to go to the chamber. They were looking for max, and they couldn’t find him. When Tim saw a lab, he went into the lab and found the people have also experimented. He saw a lot of big guns and a lot of files. While he walked away to take a look at the guns, he dropped a few files. He saw a file named Simon he took that file then a scientist was there, and he asked “Was machst du? Geh raus!” Tim nodded at, got out of there with the file.

When he opened the file, he found out some truths. He went towards Tim, and he was knocked out. When he opened the eyes, Tom was in front of Tim, and Tom asked him, “What happened? Where are we?” Tim said, “Simon betrays us. He was a spy. He was working for the Nazis. Everything he told was a lie. I always knew it because the last time, his story was not as same as this time. You remember when he told about his wife he told they took his wife away and he couldn’t attend her funeral, and this time he said that he attended her funeral in a green dress.” While Tom was explaining everything to Tim, a man came. In a light brown dress, a half mustache when he entered the lab, the people who were far away were screaming in their cells by looking at this man. At that moment, he understood that it was Hitler. While Hitler was talking with one of the scientists, Simon came and asked Tom, “I told you, you would be with your father soon. And I really meant it.” And he said to Tim, “The funny thing is the person who you knocked out was Max and the others. We killed the others. Max was still missing, but we will find him soon. And one more thing that Max was not taking a piss. He was reloading his gun.” One of the soldiers says, “We found Max.” Simon said, “Yeah, and thank you for the parts and your gun.”

Hitler was congratulating Simon for his works, and he takes his gun and fires at Simon. And Hitler says, “Ich habe momentan keine Zeit. Der Krieg geht weiter und ich hoffe, wir sehen uns wieder.(I don’t have time right now. The war continues, and I hope to see you again.). When all hope is lost, they were handed over a small pocket knife by a man behind him. Tim cuts his ropes that he is tied in and also helps Tom, and he looked behind. When he looked closely, there was blood on the floor and still dripping from his head, it was Max.