There are a lot of problems in our life. We also try to find the solution to all of these problems and these are big problems in our world. For example, “Racism.” I hope everyone knows the meaning of it. It is the discrimination of blacks.

One day when I was watching football in series A., There was a guy named Mario ballateli. He is black, and he is a great player, but everyone booed him. Even his fans booed him. In our country, Racism does not exist a lot. But in other countries, it’s a big issue. There are a lot of great African and who are born in Africa and play for another country. Players like lukaku, pogba, koulibaly, mane, matuidi, Kante, and more great players.

But they are discriminated against for their color. I don’t look to their color; I see them their play. And I want to see them win for our team. I see their talent only. I love black and white. I am a big fan of Cristiano Ronaldo. But in different positions, I love the various players. I feel sad about thinking about Mario ballateli because his fan booed him.

Just think like this what if you are black and your friends tease you. How will you feel? I know, some guys just ignore this teasing. If you are getting teased and you think about them, that is good. Just remember how much weary they will be and how hard they try not to show it through the camera. Who knows after Messi or Ronaldo there comes a black guy and becomes new Ronaldo or Messi? Will, you quit football? Yes or No. Reply to your answer. If yes, you must rethink your choice. Or, if no, you are a football fan, not a Messi-Ronaldo fan.


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